Friday, March 23, 2012

Warm Cozies

We're averaging about two doctor/hospital/ER visits a week in our house, so needless to say March has stomped her way in and is throttling us by the neck.  Rashes, viral infections, and unknown abdominal pains need beautiful things to combat their miserable company.  Here is how I'm distracting myself:

Yeah, they did.  Prada put a rocket on it, and now my fever dreams are waaayy better than those silly old flying dreams I used to have as a kid.

I spent Halloween of 2011 on an incredibly long flight: final destination Osaka, Japan.  Once we arrived, I was both grateful and disheartened by the fact that this was a work trip, and said work would considerably cut into the amount of time available for shopping.  This was a dramatic, inflated understatement.  We spent all of 4 hours (of a 10-day trip) on extracurricular activities.  The onsen beat out the boutiques, but I did spend 20 glorious minutes trying on tunics at Marimekko.

Baby Alpaca Hot Water Bottle Cover 
Hand-knit baby alpaca hot water bottle cover.  For this reason alone you should own a hot water bottle.
This soup & cracker bowl from uncommon goods warms my toes just looking at the pictures.  Basil- Tomato soup?  Yes, please.  Oyster crackers on the side?  Don't mind if I do.  Oh, on your way back to the kitchen, could you just run a load in the dishwasher?  Just real quick?  I'll be right here, licking the crumbs out of this crevice...

  Hopefully the quarantine will end in the foreseeable future.  If not, next post will be comfort foods (and how to keep them on the inside).

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