Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling out the Edges

framed objects by the.
Everything looks better with the right frame.  I can't tell you how often I've seen an ordinary object transformed by just the right shade of mat, by a certain thickness of stretched wood.  I've also seen incredible works of beauty that have been dulled due to careless and cavalier approaches to packaging.   
The same can be said for people.  Presented within a certain context, people are more or less approachable.  More or less desirable.   We view our experiences and lessons by the emotions that border said events, and we understand the world around us by breaking it down into more manageable parcels of information.  Everything is contained, we just differ in our method for organization and appreciation.   
So why is it that we often find ourselves unable to recognize the awesome power of the individual frameworks that surround our everyday thoughts and actions?  What of the ways in which we frame our environments, our experiences, and our objects?  In the social sciences, framing is a powerful tool used to develop and enhance social and political movements.  It helps one to identify, define, and remedy issues by pushing forth a particular perspective.  What would happen if we were to utilize this tool not only in our social and political lives, but in experiencing the mundane everyday items as well?

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