Friday, July 29, 2011


20081130181041 {writing on the wall: be like george}

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I've been wasting thoroughly enjoying quite a bit of my time over at these days.  There's nothing like putting together an inspiration board to get your brain in the mood for action.

This is from my "mantra" board.  I used to pin letterpress quotes to the walls above my desk, but alas, our home has cement walls that drive me absolutely bonkers when trying to hang anything.  Instead, I post it online and gaze adoringly at my browser window.

Pinterest is exactly the kind of lovely time-suck that helps me escape into the deep recesses of my brain that wants to wear kitten heels and red lipstick while rolling ink over galleys of type.  It feels like active meditation.  I just know that, somewhere, these images are sticking to some piece of gray matter that will eventually roll into action.  It's going to be one beautiful, hot mess when it finally burns through. 

On a different note, anyone out there know how to hang work on cement in a non-permanent way?  Hit me up, I need a new view...


Hi there,

It's been awhile since my last post, and I must say that I didn't get very far into my proposed 52 objects.  Perhaps you'll cut me some slack when I tell you that Object #4 is starting preschool in two weeks.  It's been a busy two and a half years!

But I'm back in my mental workshop these days, ready to get the old right brain moving.  I've refocused a bit, as the thought of making a new object a week tickles my nose and I'm not sure if that's amusement or frustration knocking.  Instead, I'm thinking about creative inspiration these days.  Beautiful objects that remind me to open up to the world and breathe deeply. 

Just remembering how to appreciate it all...