Sunday, March 11, 2012

Instrumental Shifts in Perspective

I'd like to compel you to immediately visit this site:

I'd post images here, but you really must see them all together as a collection (and I didn't have the patience to retrieve them all, in addition to trying to gain permission to repost the entire set).  I was blown away when I first saw the cavernous beauty of the instruments, and the soft light illuminating each photograph.  The simplicity of the message underscores the complex group of emotions I feel when gazing at these images.  

First, I am overwhelmed by the craftsmanship of these instruments; the loving care they so clearly receive on a regular basis.  Tending to the upkeep of these objects is, in itself, an act of art.  And then, I am struck by the process through which these photographs were captured, and the artful arrangement of such tiny little images.  But mostly, I am moved by the simple shift in perspective that causes the viewer to pause, and to assess the world from a whole new angle.  The impact that this one conversion has on the way in which we view familiar objects is powerful, regardless of how many times we have been exposed to this type of transformation.  

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