Sunday, January 27, 2008


These are my beautiful first objects, straight from the nursery. (Don't you just love recycled boxes?) Little do these planties realize that in a matter of moments, they are to become this:

Terrariums are so great! This one is an African Violet, and I added a few stones from the backyard. The stick was picked up joyfully by our dog, and quickly donated to the object fund. I also made a few for friends, alas, they were given up without any photo shoot.

Terrariums are perfect for gussying up the old houseplant, although I must admit they are a bit lackluster in photos. It's like having your own private biosphere in the kitchen. Of course, you're welcome to make one with small reptiles and bugs, etc. But as for me, I'll just stick with the plants.

There are two main rules to terrarium crafting: 1) keep the plants' needs in mind (dry plants don't work so well with moisture hungry ones), and 2) layer the bottom of the jar with rocks and activated carbon (you can pick it up at any aquarium store). It keeps the germies from festering.

Here's a mini jar (I think it's a begonia?):

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