Sunday, January 27, 2008

hi, hello!

Welcome to 52 objects.

So what is 52 objects all about, you might ask?
It's a space for thinking about creation, and the act thereof, and the emptiness of shelves and tables and walls and the need to roll up my sleeves and delve into a good ol' project now and then. Only, now and then tends to happen every few months or so, which becomes rarely, which makes my little heart hurt.

52 objects is my yellow post it note to myself. The reminder that although I live and work and eat and run and play, I often forget to make.
And making things makes me happy.

So, along the lines of a new years resolution, I made a promise to myself.
I decided to devote this year to creating one new object a week.

Objects feel relatively manageable.
Objects are both functional and lovely.
Objects can include, well, just about anything.

Keep coming back, and it'll keep me in check!

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