Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is the beautiful paper I found at the new art store on my block. Lovely products, not so helpful in the questions department. It feels as heavy as book cloth, and is quite sturdy. I love the rich, deep aqua hue (again, not so photogenic) and the way the gold marbleized. This paper was perfect for my second object: an accordion book!

The book was for a student is S's afterschool program, a young poet who read me some of her work on the phone. She had such a small voice! But her poems were outstanding and powerful, and so I HAD to compile them for her. It was a surprise, and since her name is on it I can't post the photos. But it was 5 by 7 bookboard (give or take), covered in the lovely paper, with black cardstock on the inside. Each poem was printed on ivory coloured linen paper, and adhered to the black cardstock. All those textures blended perfectly! It was so, so lush.

She sounded ecstatic when she called to thank me.

Objects are better when given away.

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