Wednesday, April 25, 2012

everything I own in a paper bag

58 Papercraft Fashions

Plato s Collection 2
Paper is the most fascinating medium.  It can be so pliable, so malleable to the touch, and yet, so fragile to manipulate.  I imagine it takes a great deal of patience and calm to create these amazing structures created by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov (hat, b&w dresses, bottom) and Matthew Brodie (technicolor piece, top).  I also imagine it takes a great deal of time.

I'm pinning these images on my wall today to remind myself that a creative project is only as good as the time invested in its cultivation.  Every few minutes applied towards even a fragment of that project means something.  Sometimes a cut, no matter how small, makes the entire piece fit together.  That goes for poems, stories, paintings, sewing projects, and sourdough starters, as well.

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